Get up to speed on Grundfos CM and MQ boosters, the delivers constant pressure for your comfort.

Domestic Pressure Boosters


Introducing Grundfos CM pressure boosters

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This short video introduces the Grundfos CM Booster range.

The Grundfos CM Booster with PM1

Meet a great value pump with surprising functionality.

CM Booster installation case-story

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This informative case-story shows the beginning to end process of a Grundfos CM Booster pump being selected and installed.

MQ introduction

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This short video introduces you to basic boosting applications.

The Grundfos MQ Booster

A compact waterworks for multiple applications.

Inside the Grundfos MQ

Take an in-depth look at Grundfos MQ.

MQ Installation Guide

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This videos presents a visual overview of the MQ installation.

Benefits summary

See all the benefits at a single glance.

Introducing the CM Booster Self-Priming

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Get to know all the features and benefits of the CM Booster Self-Priming Pump.

CM Booster Self-Priming design

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Learn about the key design features in the CM Booster Self-Priming Pump.

Installation tips

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This task will highlight some key installation tips to keep in mind when installing a CM Booster Self-Priming pump.