Need to learn or refresh your basic knowledge on pumps? This topic covers pump types, curves and flow.  Basically, all you need to know to get started with pumps.

Basic Pump Principles and Pump Types


About pumps and the two main pump types

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A short general introduction to positive displacement and centrifugal pumps.

Grundfos pump types

Grundfos produces 10 main pump types. Explore them here.

Centrifugal pump types

What is a centrifugal pump, and what are the main variants.

Main impeller types

Brush up on your understanding of one of main pump components: the impeller.

About pump curves

This short article takes an in-depth look at pump curves

Reading a pump curve

Learn to read a pump curve and understand the relationship between flow and head.

Pump Curves

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Confused about pump curves? This topic will teach you how to read pump curves for pump selection.

Calculating pump flow

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Learn how to calculate pump flow.

Learning to calculate how much head the pump must generate

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Learn how to calculate pump head.

Sizing a Pump

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This topic will guide you through how to size a pump.

Understanding a groundwater well

Learn how a groundwater well works.