Grundfos_Basic Hydraulics_and_Pump_Performance

This topic will introduce you to the Basic Hydraulic Principles. It will also help you to better understand and monitor pump performance.

Basic Hydraulic Principles and Pump Performance


Basic Hydraulics

Estimated time - min

Introduction to hydraulics in water pumping systems and the relationship between flow, head and energy.

Understanding Friction Loss

Learn about the causes and effects of friction loss.

Friction Loss

Estimated time - min

Learn how to calculate friction loss to ensure you select the right pump.

Cavitation its effects on pumps

Learn about the causes and effects of cavitation and how to avoid it.

Reasons for reduction in pump performance

Identify the reasons that can cause a reduction in pump performance.

Calculating pump efficiency

Learn how to monitor and calculate pump performance by using the three parameters—flow, pressure and power consumption.

Water a Scarce Resource

Estimated time - min

Gain a better understanding of water and just how precious a resource it really is.

Pump Controls

Estimated time - min

This task will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of different pump controls.

Installation Basics

Estimated time - min

Learn what to look out for when installing a pump.

How to Establish Head

Estimated time - min

This task will teach you how to establish head for pump selection.

Considerations in Pump Selection

Estimated time - min

Choosing a pump can seem confusing, this topic will guide you through what to consider when selecting a pump.