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Pressure boosting system
A pressure boosting system is designed to increase low pressure in a water system in order to achieve sufficient water flow and pressure to consumers.
Pressure holding
A system for maintaining a constant static pressure is used in heating and cooling systems to order to ensure uninterrupted operation.
Pressure reducing valve
A pressure reducing valve measures the pressure of the discharge side of the valve.
Pressure holding pumps
Pressure holding pumps are be used to maintain a constant pressure in a closed heating or air-conditioning system.
Pressure transducer
A pressure transducer is fitted in a heating-, cooling-, or ventilation system.
Pressure transmitter
Measuring and transmitting pressure plays a key role in system monitoring and controlling pumps/fans in order to achieve a required pressure at any given time.
Pressure is used to circulate liquid in a heating or cooling system and is induced by means of pumps.
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Proportional pressure, calculated - control mode
Proportional pressure is used in circulation systems with a pipe system with low pressure loss and control valves to generate a variable flow.
PROFIBUS is a network technology mostly used in process industries but you can find it also in building automation. It is a standardised technology for data communication, managed by Profi International.