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HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon)
HFC as a refrigerant does not contribute to the breakdown of the ozone layer, but contributes to the greenhouse effect.
Hot water exchanger
A hot water exchanger is used in production of domestic hot water.
Hot water vessel
A hot water vessel is used in production of domestic hot water.
Hydrogen sulphide
Hydrogen sulphide is a toxic and lethal gas produced in sewers and digesters under microbial anaerobic decomposition of organic matter.
Hot water
Domestic hot water denotes the hot water that is used in a home for showering, washing, etc.
Hygienic designed manifold
Grundfos Hydro booster sets are not designed for the pumping of sterile liquids, but their construction and the choice of materials make them an ideal solution for secondary processes in hygienic applications such as pumping of potable water.
Hydronics is the term describing the use of water as a heat-transfer medium in heating systems, and a cooling-transfer medium in cooling systems.