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Grundfos end-suction pumps (NKE/NKGE)
NKE/NKGE pumps are long-coupled pumps equipped with a motor with built-in frequency converter.
Grundfos end-suction pumps (NK/NKG)
End-suction, multi-purpose pumps suitable for a variety of different applications demanding reliable and cost-efficient supply.
Grundfos G10 LON interface
The G10 LON interface will connect a CU 351 pump controller and pumps to a LON network.
Grundfos Glandless circulator pumps
Grundfos glandless circulator pumps are used in commercial buildings for air conditioning and heating applications.
Grundfos HS - Horizontal split case pumps
The Grundfos HS-5 Horizontal split case pump is a single stage-stage, non-self-priming, centrifugal volute pump with radial suction and radial discharge port.
Grundfos Hydro MPC - Booster set
Hydro MPC booster sets consist of two to six identical CRI(E)/CR(E) pumps connected in parallel and mounted on a common base frame provided with a control cabinet and all the necessary fittings.
Grundfos Hydro MPC - Control variants
Hydro MPC booster sets are divided into seven control variants depending on the type of pumps being controlled by CU 351.
Grundfos Hydro Multi-E - Booster set
Hydro Multi-E is an innovative pressure booster system specially designed for building service applications.
Grundfos Hydro Multi-S - Booster set
Grundfos Hydro Multi-S booster sets consist of two or three identical Grundfos CH or CR pumps connected in parallel and mounted on a common base frame, a control cabinet with motor protection and integrated controller and all the necessary fittings.
Grundfos Hydro Solo-E - Booster set
Grundfos Hydro Solo-E booster set with one pump is a combined unit consisting of one Grundfos CRE pump fitted with isolating valve, non-return valve, discharge pipe, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and diaphragm tank.