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Dry running protection
Hydro Boosters, Hydro MPC, Hydro Multi-E, Hydro Multi-S, Pressure/level switch, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, dry-running.
Dry weather flow
Dry weather flow refers to the wastewater flow in a sewer system during periods of dry weather with minimum infiltration.
Duty point
The duty point is at the intersection between the Q-H curve and the system characteristics.
DX system
A DX system is a cooling system where the primary coolant is used for evaporation.
Dynamic pressure
In a closed, pressurised system with a circulating media, the total pressure consists of two elements; a static pressure and a dynamic pressure.
The operational efficiency of boiler systems that use natural gas as fuel can be improved by utilising the water content of the flue gas.
Efficiency curve
The curve shows the η (efficiency) of the pump. Efficiency is measured in %.
Efficiency performance standards
Efficiency performance standards regulate motor efficiency and stipulate minimum efficiency requirements.
Chlorination is probably the most common method of treating microorganisms in water. Electrochlorination is a safe and simple alternative to chlorine gas and commercial hypochlorite solution.
Effluent is the outflow of water from a natural body of water or from a man-made structure.