Why replacement?

Why Replacement

Why Replacement?
Stop downtime before it starts

Replace damaged or inefficient wastewater pumps with Grundfos SE/SL S-tube impeller equipped pumps and reduce clogging and downtime immediately.

Grundfos SE/SL pumps with S-tube impellers have the largest free passage on the market and deliver world-class hydraulic efficiency. This means trouble-free operation with less clogging and jamming.

Introducing the new Replacement Tool

The new Grundfos Replacement Tool is a fast and easy way to find the correct replacement for damaged or inefficient wastewater pumps. Quickly and easily find SE/SL S-tube impeller equipped pumps with a similar or desired duty point – including adaptors, when necessary. Save time while finding the pump that’s needed.

Proven dependability

Grundfos SE/SL pumps with S-tube impellers have already proven their outstanding energy efficiency and reliability. Thousands of SE/SL pumps are currently meeting and exceeding the needs for pumping wastewater all over the world. They can help reduce electricity costs, minimise service and maintenance costs and at the same time improve overall system reliability. See how Grundfos has helped others improve their systems in our case archive.

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Designed for ease of use

Many of the features in our pumps are quite simply unique. The cable entry, the cartridge shaft seal and the modular design complement the S-tube impeller. The innovative designs for S-tube, cable entry, and SmartTrim have been patented. Together these unique features make installation, operation and maintenance of the product easier and more user-friendly.

Perfect for refurbishment projects

Grundfos wastewater products fit easily into existing installations. The size selection at similar duty points enables upgrades to Grundfos SE and SL pumps with S-tube impellers without a system or sump change. This delivers high total efficiency pump operation for a relatively small investment.

Why Grundfos?

At Grundfos, we’re committed to the wastewater industry. We strive to set new standards by introducing new technologies and services that make your work easier.

As one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, we’ve designed and built pumps for almost 70 years. We offer solutions designed to match specific requirements – no matter how complex the challenge, location or scope.

Now is the perfect time to try Grundfos SE/SL pumps with S-tube impellers.

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