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Pump station solves chronic flooding, boosts quality of life in Semarang, ...
Grundfos supplied six large KPL axial flow propeller pumps, which each can handle 325 m3/min (85,865 gal/min), as well as two smaller KPL pumps that handle 150 m3/min (39,630 gal/min), for a total capacity of 35 m3 per second, or 126,000 m3/hour (554,820 gal/min).
Porsche meets Grundfos
WALS-SIEZENHEIM, AUSTRIA: Porsche, manufacturer of prestigious cars, chose a Grundfos solution for wastewater management when its existing service centre was greatly expanded.
Rolling A Ranch
As the nation’s all-time leading breeder of racing Quarter horses, Rolling A Ranch is home to 500 head of horses, spread out over 400 acres in the Salinas Valley in central California
Wireless data transmission keeps reliability high and costs low at ...
For a wastewater treatment plant, reliability is of great importance. The removal of wastewater and stormwater in extreme situations must happen when required. Costs are also important, and the key is to ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising the reliability and the sustainability of the wastewater treatment plant.
Case: Talca
Case: Talca
Local alliance captures energy before it is lost into thin air
A new way of thinking made the difference when Grundfos and a local district heating company joined forces. They built a closed heating and cooling cycle, where no energy goes to waste.
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