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Full control and full automation
BOT Elektrownia Opole S.A. power plant is located 9 kilometres north from the city of Opole, downstream of the Mala Panew River which flows into the Odra River. The existing and planned production facilities cover approximately 290 hectares. This location ensures good opportunities for providing the power supply to the South-Western area of Poland as well as the transfer of energy to other parts of the country and abroad.
Grundfos Pumps in Aquaria KLCC
Aquaria KLCC was open to the publi cand is a next generation aquarium integrating technology, education and entertainment to enhance the aquarium experience.
Grundfos CR pumps for fire fighting systems
NK Co. Ltd. of Busan, Korea, was established in 1980 under the name of Nam Yang.
Grundfos Pump Audit Identifies More Than 80 Percent Annual Energy Cost ...
Owners of the Mani Brothers 14-story, 232,476 sq. ft. commercial office building in West Hollywood, CA. was having problems with their potable water booster pumps.
Grundfos pumps get Saudi pumping station back on track
The water sector is one of the most vital for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being a desert country with a large agricultural and industrial base and a growing population makes the handling of wastewater essential.
Grundfos pumps in 1,000 m3/day RO plant in Algeria
Astramatic S.A., Barcelona, Spain, is an engineering and consulting company that designs, builds, manufactures, and maintains industrial process water treatment plants adapted to all needs and situations.
Grundfos pumps in world-leader Rain Bird golf-course irrigation systems
Rain Bird Corporation is one of the leading irrigation manufacturers in the world.
Grundfos Solar Powered Water Supply System for Local Village in Sabah
Spring Water Solar Pumping Supply System needed in a very remote village called Serudong Laut, Sabah, Malaysia. Their main source of clean water for consumption is rain water, however, during draught season, water has to be fetched from the River, which is always muddy, and crocodiles in the river are a continuous threat to the villagers.
New and easy way to manage irrigation systems
Water engineering and specialist sports-turf contractor, MJ Abbot Limited used Grundfos’ new data communication interface when upgrading the sprinkler irrigation system at an exclusive golf links in Northern Ireland. To manage water usage, the club uses the popular TORO SitePro® central control system, which has a standard feature allowing direct integration with pumping systems. However, the integration process could be troublesome at best.
Luxury hotel cuts energy in half and keeps comfort at 100%
In 2010, Midea renovated its headquarters in Shunde, China. The company used another brand of pumps. By 2011, high electricity costs, high noise and other problems from those pumps encouraged the owners to look for a better solution. They installed Grundfos, which immediately cut their running costs in half.