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Meeting big city water challenges calls for partnership

The global water challenges are immense. Especially in the big cities of the world.

Solving these challenges calls for a close partnership between those who face the problems and those how provide the solutions.

Grundfos has seventy years of experience in the field. We have solved water challenges together with cities in every part of the world.

We call it Responsible. We are – because it’s a joint effort.

Learn from the best water solutions from all over the world. Responsible. We are

The true water solutions heroes are our customers, the people who on a daily basis fight for safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions all over the globe.

Meet some of these forward-thinking people and the solutions we have proudly been facilitating – and see how the experiences of other cities also can help your city forward.

Water quality cases
Leakage cases


Watch the video to see how a Cambodian water plant enjoys 15% energy and water savings

In the Cambodian province of Takéo, the water supply company was doing what it could with the technology it had to supply drinking water to the small city of Doun Kaev and the surrounding 45 villages of about 44,000 people. 

Making the switch to a Grundfos Demand-Driven Distribution system has transformed Takéo Safe Water Supply in Cambodia, providing its customers with water 24/7. The company no longer has problems with water waste or unnecessary maintenance and has greatly reduced its energy costs.

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Salt brings safety as new disinfectant solution in Chinese water plants

Some communities and plants are beginning to value long-term safety higher than the material cost, however. One of these is the Haiyan County Sandi Tap Water Treatment Plant, Ltd., south of Shanghai.

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A family owned company
and the world’s leading water specialist

Grundfos started out as a small family-run business. Today Grundfos is a global market leader. But even today, almost 70 years later, we are guided by the same principles as back then – a family owned company that takes responsibility. For our customers and their business, the people we employ, the local communities and the global environment.

A company at the forefront of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Grundfos has worked relentlessly with making sustainability and responsible solutions part of our business. Most recently our Grundfos factory in Suzhou won the Green Factory Award for sustainable design.

Video credit: UN Global Compact.


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