Grundfos iSOLUTIONS: Water Supply

Water supply

The intelligent way to manage water pressure in distribution networks

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS brings a new level of intelligence to pumped water supply systems with Demand Driven Distribution. Water supply companies everywhere struggle with leaky pipes and pipe bursts that lead to costly repairs, lost or non-revenue water and excess energy consumption. These issues are caused by excessive pressure in the system. Demand Driven Distribution packages together pumps, intelligent components and system surveillance to form a unique pressure management solution that secures a stable and smart water supply system.

Meet the expert: Demand Driven Distribution

Water loss is a major challenge for water distribution systems, but Demand Driven Distribution offers a smart and cost-effective solution. Watch our application manager explain how Demand Driven Distribution can improve pressure management in networks of all sizes – by minimising non-revenue water, reducing energy consumption, and saving operational costs for leaks and pipe maintenance, without compromising end-user comfort.

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Optimised solutions for water distribution

Explore all the main equipment needed for an optimised and smart water supply system. Gain insights into intake pumping station layouts, why pump pre-selection and flow rate estimation are essential, and the importance of precise pressure management solutions. You can also get a comprehensive overview of our product and solution range.

Beating water loss in water distribution

Rottal Water Supply Association in Southern Germany serves some 6,000 properties within 275sq km of hilly landscapes. The area required extensive pumped water distribution but the network relied on old water supply pumps, and experienced frequent pipe leakages and delivery failures.

Discover how Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution resulted in 30% less pump energy use, no more pipe and supply failures, as well as a significant reduction in water loss.

Beating water loss in water distribution
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Grundfos projects and service capabilities

Want to ensure your water supply project runs optimally and on budget? From solution development to operation and maintenance, Grundfos has the project and service capabilities to help you meet your challenges. Find out how we can help you make the right decisions for selection, delivery, and ongoing operation and maintenance to ensure smooth operations.

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