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Keeping millions of feet dry by intelligent dewatering
A new tourist area in Tianjin, China, lies below sea level. In order to avoid flooding within the reclaimed area huge pumps have been installed to lead rainwater out into the sea. This task is handled by the largest prefabricated pumping station from Grundfos.
Volkswagen reaches for significant energy savings
The Volkswagen Group wants to cut energy consumption. The target is 25 per cent less by 2018. To help achieve this, a pump control system from Grundfos has been installed at the production plant in Braunschweig.
Acknowledged as an innovative supplier
One of the leading companies in liquid handling and heat transfer and separation is appreciating having Grundfos as a supplier. Recently, Alfa Laval demonstrated this by granting Grundfos their Supplier Innovation Award, among other things for offering the latest technology and contributing to secure the competitive power of Alfa Laval.
Quiet enough for Wimbledon
Everything surrounding the world famous arenas has to work perfectly and precisely. From courts to irrigation there is no room for errors at the place where tennis and traditions meet on the grass.
GEA acquires Hilge from Grundfos
One of the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary pumps, Hilge, mostly owned by the Danish based Grundfos, is acquired by GEA. The signing is made today.
Public and private partners shape Nairobi’s water future
Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company and Grundfos signs an MoU, which allows the parties to build a sustainable water network for the growing African metropolis.
Facing ethical dilemmas
Honesty and integrity is the cornerstone of how we do business in Grundfos. With our Code of Conduct we put our guiding principles into writing irrespective of cultural differences and physical locations.
Powerful pumps safeguard metropolis in the US
More than 1 million people in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, rely on constant top performance from pumping stations to keep the Ohio River away from their homes.
Sustainable steps are out in the open
3.5 billion kWh saved for our European circulator customers, our own energy consumption is reduced by 3 percent and our water footprint by 6. These are some of the headlines from our newly published sustainability report.
Hidden heroes power green ambitions
A unique way of thinking sustainability into every part of society has drawn attention to the Danish island of Samsø from all over the world. Innovation and energy optimisation are key elements in achieving the ambitious goal of becoming completely inde¬pendent from fossil fuels.