Be responsible


At Grundfos we understand the significance of responsibility - to the environment and to the people we live, work and deal with.

Concern for the environment is interwoven into each of our business practices and is inseparable from all of our solutions. We design sustainable solutions that go full cycle. We have actively sought and been awarded the relevant environmental certification and conduct all business strictly according to these guidelines.

We look carefully into our choice of materials and we design recyclable products. Each new generation of pumps further reduces energy consumption.

But responsibility goes beyond this. Across our global network, we focus on the welfare and involvement of people in our own company and market, as well as society at large. Grundfos maintains an open and accessible attitude, welcoming any questions that people may have about us. Being responsible is our foundation.



Grundfos is a global company
But we do not believe in one global way of doing business. Our worldwide network of sales and service companies allows us to adapt to all sorts of environments, just like our products.

Environmental certification
Grundfos is proud to have fulfilled the required standards for ISO 14001 certification and EMAS registration in our manufacturing facilities. This represents our commitment and responsibility towards environmental management. This commitment begins from a solution’s inception right through to its eventual recycling or disposal.

Sustainable solutions
SQ Flex is the environmental water supply system for remote locations. It can be customised to the user’s specific requirements, utilising the power source - wind, sun or a combination of both - that is best suited to the weather patterns of its particular environment. And if nature can’t deliver the required energy, SQ Flex can fall back on generator power or batteries.

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