Meet the energy challenge

Pumps are the key to energy efficiency

Grundfos high efficiency pump and motor technology can reduce the average pump's energy consumption by up to 60%. That is why we are making the potential of pumps loud and clear through Meet the Energy Challenge NOW.

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No Compromise replace


Replace damaged or inefficient wastewater pumps with Grundfos SE/SL S-tube impeller equipped pumps and reduce clogging and downtime immediately.

Grundfos SE/SL pumps with S-tube impellers…

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Thinking Buildings

Thinking Buildings Universe

Explore the New Thinking Buildings Universe and get updated on the latest application solutions, tools that makes your working tasks easier and our products that suit your specific application needs within Commercial Buildings.

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Discover the hidden energy savings in your pumps and find out how you can reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions with a Grundfos Energy Check. Its fast, easy and free.

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